System Shock To Finally Be Playable After All These Years

Enthusiasts of the game System Shock are excited to move from concept to reality with the final, eventual, much delayed launch of the game, which has never been released before.

System Shock narrowly avoided being released in September of 1994, with a massive following of passionate gamers very nearly enjoying the complex immersive simulation on offer in this almost-precedent setting narrative experience.

The game was very nearly experienced again in 2015, with an HD remastering almost making it to launch on the little-known website (which shut down immediately after). Luckily, no gamers were able to sample the upgraded textures and improved resolution that the remastered version worked so hard to create.

Hope springs eternal however, and it looks like 2017 may be the year that System Shock is rescued from development hell and finally released. Thanks to a new crowdfunding effort, developers Night Dive are rebooting the remastered version, creating a new-new take that analysts are certain will finally succeed.

A spokesperson for Night Dive confirmed that they were “very close” to a playable version of System Shock, something that developers everywhere have been struggling to achieve for more than 20 years.

“It’s incredible that in 22 years, not a single person has ever played System Shock even once,” the spokesperson explained. “It’s just never been released. Absolutely amazing.”

“We’re confident that our rebooted remaster will finally close the book on this shameful, forgotten chapter in PC gaming history.”