Diversity Win! your gay

Point & Clickbait can now exclusively reveal that the next big step forward for representation is here: it’s you, and your gay.

The announcement that your gay first arrived in the general chat only a few seconds ago, and was preceded by several minutes of landing headshot after headshot on the same increasingly frustrated enemy player, ‘turdgolem’. Already, critics are already hailing the fact that your gay as yet another win for marginalised voices.

Discovering that your gay came as quite a pleasant surprise to everyone else in general chat, and more particularly to you, who hadn’t really thought about it until now.

Previously, you were only gay in some of the tie-in novels or on the game’s website. While this was nice, it was always a bit strange that the developer was unwilling to make you gay in the game, directly and openly. Fortunately, ‘turdgolem’ has been able to move the conversation forward and help queer people feel a little bit more seen in the general chat, and also in gaming more broadly.

Many developers are afraid to have the kind of open representation that you are now bringing to the table with how gay you are and, if a series of follow up messages are to be believed, how much dick you love to eat. That’s why it’s so powerful to see you standing up and being very suddenly gay.

Critics have reacted strongly to the news that you love to choke on cocks as proof that gaming is finally mature enough to have a sensible discussion about sexuality. But there has been pushback from some sections of the gaming community, with this latest news being seen as an attempt to “force politics down players throats”.

Responding directly to ‘turdgolem’, fellow player ‘white_future88’ decried your sudden lust for dick as “opportunistic” and suggested that this time could be better spent fixing the bugs in the game.

Still, what’s important is that this game just became a heap more diverse and it’s all thanks to you and how gay you are, and also you love penis. Wow!

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