Best Day Ever? This Community Manager Only Received Two Death Threats

Everything is falling into place for local community manager Tent Dendle, who is on top of the world after only receiving two (2) death threats in the course of his work today.

Dendle, whose job is to keep an eye on the various social media channels his company Sunflower Games maintains and make sure the user base remains happy and engaged, told Point & Clickbait that he now classified anything under 10 death threats as a “good” day, making today extra special.

“There was one death threat waiting for me when I got in – something from overnight, talking about my family, where I lived, that kind of thing,” Dendle explained. “Pretty normal stuff. Credible, actionable, specific. Usually that particular type of threat means the balance team have added 0.5 – 1s to the respawn time, or something like that.”

“You get quite good at judging these things after a while,” he added, chirpily, getting up again to make sure that the door was locked.

To his great surprise however, Dendle says that he was able to go nearly the rest of the entire day without another death threat. The second threat arrived just as he was wrapping up for the day, with a PM to his Reddit inbox from a long time stalker suggesting that he should be “placed into the ancient brazen bull”.

“That’s a new one!” explained Dendle, grinning ear to ear in a depressingly well-adjusted fashion. “The brazen bull! From ancient Greece and everything. I actually had to go and check that one out to make sure it was a proper threat,” he said, subconsciously scanning the roof of the adjacent building.

On his way out the door, Dendle’s boss pulled him aside to casually let him know that his contract would be up in two weeks and that it would not be renewed, but nothing was able to wipe the smile from his dial.

“What a wonderful birthday,” the young father of two concluded. “What a lovely gift.”

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