Your Comforting Childhood Memories Now Available To Back On Kickstarter

The pleasant smell of your mother baking cookies in the kitchen as you played outside in the warm summer breeze just before sunset has just launched on Kickstarter, seeking $150 million.

Backers of this innovative Kickstarter will also receive hitting your first home run, laughing with your friends as you chased each other through the trees, and sitting in front of a warm fire on a cold day with a mug of hot chocolate wrapped in your hands.

If the final target is reached, backers will lose themselves in a world of wonder, a world where you are too young and idealistic to have your memories tainted by cynicism or disbelief, where everything is a magical new experience free or flaw or imperfection, and no amount of crushing real world responsibilities can hurt you any more.

Over 60,000 people have already thrown money at the Kickstarter, unlocking the stretch goals of learning to ride a bike, and your first kiss.

The developers of the Kickstarter promise that they will generously include free shipping worldwide, and that “everything will be exactly like you remember it from your formative years, if you give us enough money”.

“We can only perfectly re-create your childhood happiness if we get enough cold, hard cash.”

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