Screenshot From Teaser Trailer Causes Excitement About Possibility Of Further Excitement

Gamers are just absolutely losing their shit today over a 1920×1080 JPEG image taken from a teaser trailer, according to the report from a brand engagement architect who came up with this marketing plan and needs to justify their hilariously inflated salary.

The teaser trailer itself only represents four seconds of a video from an even larger trailer which will be released later, for a game that won’t be released for months — but if this brand engagement architect is to be believed, the gamers are fucking gagging for it.

“When I saw that JPEG, I just started uncontrollably hooting and hollering,” explained one gamer in what the brand engagement architect reassured us was an “extremely authentic” testimony.

“Interacting with my favourite brands online. Mmm. That’s the good stuff. That’s the power of marketing, if you ask me, a real consumer.”

Gamers are sure to go wild for the next incredible idea from the brand engagement architect, who just coincidentally happens to be up for a performance review next month: to break up the JPEG image into chunks and drip-feed it to players via social media.

“Getting only one small part of a larger image each day? Wow! Yeah! Yeah baby!!!!” cried another definitely real gamer in response to the idea.

“How good would it be if I could speed up the rate at which the image is unveiled by ‘Liking’ the page and sharing it with my friends on social media!!!!! That’d be sick!!!!!!” they continued, in the manner that a real person would speak.

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