“Stop Acting So Entitled”: Successful Adventurer Offers Advice On Breaking Into Housing Market, Crypts

House prices are skyrocketing in the major cities, and many young people are starting to feel like they’ll never be able to get their foot on the property ladder. However for one young adventurer, Grit Bladesworn, things are on the up and up.

With 45 properties to his name, 29-year old Grit is already enjoying a steady income and a relaxed lifestyle. His secret? Stop wasting money on frivolous things, and start breaking into abandoned tombs and looting them for gold and gems.

Bladesworn, already a millionaire despite only leaving his small village several days ago and venturing out into the world for the first time, says that a lot of people in his generation expect things to be handed to them on a silver platter.

“They look around and they think ‘I deserve to be rich, I deserve to have a magic sword’. But life’s not going to hand you a magic sword,” Bladesworn explained. “You have to go and get it from the dungeon in the forest outside the city.”

“Literally, it is just in the forest outside the city. You can just walk there and take it. I think I saw like seven of them in there, every second goblin has one. I don’t understand why everybody in the city doesn’t have a magic sword.”

“They are right there,” he added.

Bladesworn’s drive and attitude won’t come easy to the lazy and entitled youth of today, but he says if they want to make the best of it they need to avoid “wasting money on expensive cafe breakfasts.”

“I saved a huge amount of money by simply eating whatever I found on the bodies of my enemies or in their loot chests and storage barrels,” he explained. “You can even eat some of the enemies you kill, like wildlife for example. You can just straight-up eat them. I don’t think a lot of millennials understand that.”

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