Report: Man Still Active In Comment Thread, Despite Just Leaving This Here

Despite initially claiming that he would “just leave this here”, regular gaming website commentator Andrew Banks has continued to take an active role in a 45-page thread, much to the confusion of observers.

Banks initial post consisted of only a single link, simply left there as advertised. Presuming that to be the end of the discussion, Banks closed the window and went about his day, only to open it again ten minutes later to discover that not only had the vast majority of participants failed to read his link, but those who had read it had the temerity to disagree with him.

“Honestly, when I just left that there, I expected that would be the end of things,” outlined a frustrated Banks as he composed his twelfth reply in the thread. ” I wouldn’t have just left it there if I didn’t expect that to completely solve the discussion.”

“When someone just leaves something there like that the least you can do is show some respect and end the debate immediately. Why can’t they understand?”

At the time of printing, Banks had fallen well behind on his work deliverables for the day as he dug up more and more links to back up the initial information, which he had intended to simply leave there.

“This isn’t how I imagined this going at all,” he muttered.

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