Games Journalist Distraught After Commenter Sarcastically Places Quotation Marks Around The Word “Journalist”

A local games journalist has taken the day off work after being reduced to tears by a comment left on one of their articles.

The comment, which was highly negative in nature and critical of the author, very deliberately used sarcastic quotation marks around the word “journalist” so as to imply that what the author was doing was not really journalism.

“Basically, what I was trying to get across was that the author was 30 minutes too slow in posting their news, and so therefore it wasn’t journalism,” the commenter confided to us.

“I’m very disappointed that I saw a news article in one place, which I had already seen reported in another place, 30 minutes earlier.”

“Something is only journalism if I like it.”

The games journalist was still devastated when we spoke to them later, saying “It was just such a unique and fresh insult. Right out of nowhere.”

“I’ve never had somebody sarcastically place quotation marks around the word ‘journalist’ so as to denigrate me and the work I do before. It’s just never happened, even once, and so I just wasn’t prepared for it.”

“I don’t know what I’ll do if it happens again.”

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