Mass Effect Andromeda Footage Offers Man Great New Opportunity To Complain About ME3 Ending

Local gamer and prolific website commenter Blake Coleman is today celebrating the release of new footage from Mass Effect Andromeda, thrilled by the excuse it offers him to remind his friends both on and offline just how much he hated the Mass Effect 3 ending.

“I was just so excited to see that footage released,” Coleman explained. “I think I speak for all my friends when I say this is such an exciting time. I’ve been waiting for this for so long.

Coleman paused the interview briefly to open up his phone and scroll through his contact list, searching for the two or three people who were still willing to tolerate a discussion with him about BioWare titles.

“It’s going to be absolutely awesome. It’s really just going to open up a whole new dynamic.”

Coleman later clarified that he was of course talking about a whole new dynamic of re-hashing his complaints from 2012, not referring to any of the Andromeda gameplay or footage, which he hasn’t “found the time” to watch yet.

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