Wow! This Male-Designed Female Character Just Loves To Flaunt Her Sexuality

Strong female characters are on the rise, which is great news for feminism probably! But one female character that’s really turning heads is the new hero Sexblade, a strong and powerful woman who loves to show off her well-toned body and impossibly perfect ass.

Lead designer Kenneth Farmer explained that Sexblade was intended to convey the studio’s “commitment to better representation”, and pointed to her skintight suit, exposed midriff and heaving, barely-concealed breasts as proof that diversity was “the number one thing on our minds”.

“It’s no coincidence that Sexblade’s victory poses, taunts and custom animations are all extremely provocative. She’s in-your-face with her sexuality. She’s literally rubbing it in your face, or on other parts of your body, maybe,” he continued, shifting slightly in his chair.

“It’s powerful stuff. It’s really good for women. I think they’ll appreciate it and feel welcome.”

Critics of the game have suggested that Sexblade is “astoundingly sexist” and “terrible in every way”, but Farmer argues it’s wrong to suggest that Sexblade is sexist.

“Isn’t it shaming female sexuality to attack Sexblade like this?” he asked. “Sexblade is a fully-fleshed out and real character with strong, believable motivations which drive her to do things like moan orgasmically when she takes damage.”

“It’s the people who want to put a stop to that — they are the real sexists.”

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