Feminism Ruins Gaming Industry To Another Year Of Record Profits

Outrage has gripped the gaming community again following the news that feminism and political correctness has continued to destroy the gaming industry, by drowning them in money.

Vicious, censorious feminists and so-called ‘social justice warriors’ have inflicted horrible damage on the losses of the gaming industry, and game publishers everywhere are struggling to stay in debt.

Sony’s recent financials show that the company has been one of the worst hit by these underhanded political activists, shipping a record-breaking 17.7 million PS4s this fiscal year instead of the record-breaking 14.4 million shipped last fiscal year.

A Sony spokesperson explained that the company was “extremely worried” about what this would mean for the future of the company.

“If feminism keeps up its unrelenting assault on our industry, we could be looking at breaking the 20-million mark for PS4s shipped, which needless to say would be very bad for us as we hate making lots and lots of money. We suffered through a record-breaking $13.7 billion in revenue this year thanks to feminists.”

“I mean, what do you even do with money when you have so much of it? Do you store it in a swimming pool and then dive into it like a weirdly pro-capitalist duck? It’s unreasonable of SJWs to put us in this position.”

Gamer Blake Rodgers couldn’t agree more, noting that ‘cucks’ and ‘white knights’ were also to blame for flooding the indie gaming industry with cash.

“They just don’t understand. By buying lots of copies of hipster games that I don’t like, such as Firewatch or Gone Home, they are hurting our industry.”

“Spending money on games, making them profitable, encouraging further development… that’s doing incredible damage to gaming. It is the exact opposite of what the gaming industry needs right now. And everyone is suffering for their short-sightedness.”

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