BioWare Designer Fired After Sneaking Story Elements Into Anthem

BioWare narrative designer Sylvia Ramos has been fired today after defying strict orders from EA management and inserting rudimentary story elements into upcoming online action-RPG Anthem.

The designer was ordered to clear out her desk late last week following reports that QA workers assigned to the Anthem project had been caught eagerly discussing “the characters”.

“That was an immediate red flag for us on the EA leadership team,” explained one EA executive to Point & Clickbait.

“Characters? Where there are characters there must be motivations, goals, relationships – in other words, a story. Sure enough, we followed the trail back to its source and found the culprit.”

EA CEO Andrew “Sports” Wilson has apologised to shareholders who are expecting a Destiny clone to be ready in time for the 2018 holiday season, and pledged to take control of the situation personally.

“I will be visiting the BioWare offices and sitting in with the Narrative Design team to help them readjust to EA’s new set of priorities,” Wilson explained. “It’s clear that some trace spark of storytelling remains at BioWare despite our best efforts.

“In order to extinguish it fully, I will be applying a cattle prod to the nearest developer every time I am moved emotionally, or made to think about the human condition.”