Valve Back In Court After Only Paying $2 Million Of $3 Million Fine

Australia’s corporate watchdog has taken Valve back to court after the Seattle-based company only paid two million dollars of its three million dollar fine.

Valve was fined $3 million by the Australian Federal Court in 2016 for wildly insane and illegal behaviour, and was quick to pay the first two thirds of the fine. The last instalment in the trilogy of fines unfortunately failed to materialise after a long wait, causing prosecutors to take action.

Emails seen by Point & Clickbait show that Valve has offered “at least two episodic instalments” of the interest on the unpaid fine.

“These instalments will really show off the advances in our fine-paying technology,” promised CEO Gabe Newell.

“We’ll introduce compelling new characters who will explain why we shouldn’t have to pay, you’ll be able to pick up our excuses and use them as physics objects – the whole works.”

“We’re sad that it had to come to this,” lamented a spokesperson for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. “I mean, we all saw this joke coming a mile off. Why did we have to spell it out.”

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