Angry Gamers Call For Boycott Of “Pay To Win” Capitalist Economic Model

The on-going loot box controversy has spiralled even further out of control today, with some gamers now claiming that our entire capitalist economic model may offer an unfair advantage to the rich.

Gamer Ann Reid explained to Point & Clickbait that while she was “disgusted” with how obviously predatory monetisation models had become, it was nothing compared to the “pervasive unfairness which underpins our entire economic system”.

“Tying your in-game progress to your wealth? That’s one thing. Tying your real-life progress to your wealth? This is worse than anything EA ever did, and they’re the most evil company in the world.”

Gamers like Reid are already organising for a boycott of capitalism, saying the “randomly chosen and largely cosmetic rewards dished out by the ruling class” were no longer adequate compensation for the necessary grind.

Big publishers were quick to reassure the boycotters that their concerns were being heard. A spokesperson from capitalism has pleaded with fans to work for change from inside the system, saying that a “total refresh” of the economic model will be coming in the next update.

“Getting insufficient rewards sucks, especially when it seems like people with a higher rank than you are getting better rewards without even really playing. We understand that this can seem frustrating and we apologise for not communicating our design intent clearly enough.”

“We absolutely hear your complaints. We are listening,” explained the spokesperson. “We think you’re going to love what we’re doing with the next update.”

“One thing we’re looking at is tailoring the drop rate for all players individually, so that everyone can discuss their own individual reward rate with us and we can come to an agreement together! We think this could really help and we’d love to get your continued feedback.”

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