Heartwarming: This Indie Developer Just Wants To Create A Touching Emotional Experience And Also Stop Non-White Immigration

As a young lad, video games and hardline immigration policy were the last things on Oscar Vauhgn’s mind.

In fact if you’d asked his parents, they’d have said that screening for “racial purity” was something he just wasn’t interested in – for Oscar, it was all sports, martial arts and dinosaurs. A chance gift from a relative at Christmas, however, would change all that.

From the moment Oscar first fired up his Super Nintendo, he was hooked – swept up in an emotional experience that would forever change his way of thinking.

“I guess for me, a game is just a way of communicating how I feel, and sharing something special about me with someone else,” explained Oscar to Point & Clickbait.

“Unrelatedly, it’s important that we immediately halt all immigration from non-Anglo-Saxon countries.”

It’s fair to say that a young Oscar was entranced by the magic of games like Donkey Kong Country, ChronoTrigger and The Legend of Zelda. As he experienced more of what video games had to offer, Oscar knew he wouldn’t be happy until he made one of his own – and until all non-white citizens were rounded up into internment camps.

Now after years in development, Oscar’s creation is finally ready to show to the world. The developer says he coudn’t be more excited to be practicing his craft.

“All I want to do is tell a story here – to make people believe in something magical and wonderful. I’m so excited for people to finally share in the experiences that I found so emotional.”

“The only thing that would make me more excited would be a white ethnostate for our people.”

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