Petition To Stop Other Kids From Touching My Stuff Reaches 10,000 Signatures

Tensions in the playground have reached boiling point today, after the other kids continued to touch my stuff despite what are clearly 10,000 signatures on a petition asking them to stop it.

Problems first began when the other kids wrongly assumed that just because all this stuff was lying around in public, it was public stuff. They were wrong. It was my stuff, because I like it the most. That’s what makes it mine.

The way they are touching my stuff is bad and wrong. Me and 10,000 other people have all signed a petition to say that they need to stop touching my stuff like that. Their hands are gross and they are making some of the toys kiss in weird ways.

I do not want the toys to kiss that way. Stop enjoying it!!!

I have been playing with the toys the longest and I can read all of the words on the labels. Some of the words are hard to pronounce but I can say them all. The labels think that I am the best at reading them.

If the petition reaches 250,000 signatures, mother will probably arrive and take the toys away from the other kids. Then I will have the toys again and I will play with them in the right way.

Thank you, mother. Please love me the most. Only I understand the toys. Please reward me. I love you. Thank you.

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