Destiny: The Taken King – 2.1.5 Patch Notes


  • Runes are arriving as rare drops in the Nightfall, Nighttime, and Nighty-Night raids.
  • Ultra-rare Arcane Runes can be used to start Tier 4 events, but not Tier 2 events. To start a Tier 2 event, you will need a Tier 7 Rune.
  • Legendary items are now attracted to Exotic items. Mood Music and A Private Room can be crafted to allow the two items to breed.
  • Engrams can now be turned into Ungrams, which in turn can be converted into Instagrams. Instagrams are locked to your character and cannot be traded, but may be bargained with.
  • Weird Coins will no longer drop from defeated Bloodghosts. Instead, Weird Coins can be traded, but not on a Wednesday.
  • Scarbound items are now Skullbound. Any Skullbound items are now Bloodbound, while all Bloodbound items are now Housebound.

Weapons and Armour

  • The Geldorf Horn has been severely nerfed, as has the Relekathian Death Tube, the Blade of Molten Fate, and the Diploma of Business Management.
  • All Uber Weapons have been reclassified as Outrageous Weapons, which means they will no longer breed with Exotics.
  • Any Uber Weapons which have bred with Exotics in the last 30 days will need to File For Divorce.
  • The following armours are being upgraded to Year Of The Dog: The Mystical Brocade, Two-Snake Scarf, Spring Breeze and Voidspleen Plate. Light and Dark levels will be rebalanced accordingly.
  • The Byzantine Pathway can now be instagrammed to produce The Scent of Freshly Cut Grass.
  • All armours under the Summer of ‘69 have been Infinibanished. Blueprints for these armours are now Greenprints.
  • PVP gear is now rated according to its Molecular Integrity. Molecular Integrity ratings of Luminous or lower are forbidden from joining Marmalade Tier.



  • Titans have a new sub-class, the Sun-Eater. Sun-Eaters have a new special ability which consumes the sun. Please note that there is only one sun in Destiny and its removal will be permanent. Bungie would prefer you not use this ability unless you have no other options.
  • Sun-Eaters can also attack with Smashhammers, which deal Bacterial Damage. Enemies vulnerable to Bacterial Damage will be required to have Vaccinations.
  • The new sub-class for the Hunter is the Shadowrazor. Shadowrazors can stand very still which allows them to not be seen by large dinosaurs. They can also double-jump, but only on every 47th jump.
  • They can also throw grenades. Grenade types include Fragmentation, Electromagnetic, and Disco.
  • Warlocks have a new sub-class, the Weatherman. Weatherman can create wind and rain in a large area, which has no effect.
  • All classes have had their inventory size expanded to five dimensions, except for a new specialised sub-class, The Warehouse. This class can carry an infinite amount of items, but cannot trade with anybody, and deals no damage in combat.

Raids, Strikes and Excursions

  • The Assembly of Aaron now has fifteen different tiers. Caramel tier is the lowest tier and offers only blue rewards, while the highest tier, Truffle, is where hardcore players will find the best weapons and ingredients.
  • The Crypt of the Formless Doom has been rebalanced. Players of all levels will find the Formless Doom less of a challenge, except for players of level 37, who have had the difficulty doubled.
  • The Obsidian Forever-Hole, the Very Bad Alleyway and the Dark Pit of Absolute, Unavoidable Death have been removed for cleaning.
  • Resets will now occur on the following days: Halloween, Christmas, and Tuesdays.
  • Weekly Heroic Strikes have been replaced with Weekly Participation Awards (WPA’s). Players who attend a WPA will receive three Weird Coins and some fruit.
  • Daily Strikes now only need to be done weekly. Monthly Strikes have been changed to yearly, while Yearly Strikes are now hourly.
  • Hourly Strikes have been nerfed.


  • Xan’thar the Unkissable now sells the Geldorf Horn, except when he doesn’t, because he’s a fussy little bastard.
  • Forbidden Henry now sells Regrams to Guardians who cannot afford Anagrams.
  • Chandrar Mellifluous has been forcibly relocated against her will to Skullwind Dune.
  • All NPCs are now voiced by Nolan North.


  • The following dance emotes have been added: the Charleston, the Boogaloo, and the Electric Slide.
  • The following dance emotes are now expressly forbidden: Hootchy-Kootchy, Peabody, and Morris.
  • Extravagant Edition owners have been awarded six new shade options: Eridium, Metalline, Diretium, Scarallus, Xaskine, and Brown.
  • Primo Edition owners receive a free salami. Find out more at

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