Patch Notes: Quantum Break Runs Better On Windows 10, Is Slightly More Unsettling

Quantum Break developer Remedy is working hard on the PC port of their latest game, which seems to be having a lot of trouble on Windows 10. Let’s take a look at the official patch notes to see what’s changed!


  • The game will no longer randomly switch to being a fourth- or fifth-person shooter. You may occasionally experience seventh-person shooting. Do not be alarmed.
  • Players who try to quit the game only to find they are frozen in time like “a fly trapped in amber” will return with 10% more memories (not guaranteed to be their own memories).
  • Time is now circular, not linear. Remedy apologises for this… misunderstanding.
  • Lead character Johnny Quantum’s catch phrase “It’s time to break it… quantum style!” now plays more often during fights. If it has not played in at least 30 seconds, a random NPC will approach Johnny and ask him when he is going to “break it, quantum style”. This will be a pleasant experience.

Audio and video

  • A film grain slider has been added for players who wanted even more film grain. Players who wanted less film grain are encouraged to have their opinions recalibrated.
  • Players who update to the latest version of the graphics drivers will experience high-definition, pure Time. Players are advised not to look directly at Time. Please take this warning seriously.
  • Multiple GPU support has been increased. Players may occasionally find an additional GPU inside their PC case that they have no memory of installing. This is normal. Under no circumstances attempt to remove this GPU.
  • The frame rate will be unlocked. We locked it for a reason, as we lock away all dangerous things, deep in the blackness beneath the earth, the dark so deep it is without texture or sound. Your hubris has unearthed this doom upon you. Please be aware you may experience screen tearing.

Crash bugs

  • Quantum Break will no longer crash when Johnny Quantum eats too much chronon, or too little chronon. The right amount of chronon is necessary at all times.
  • Players are advised to avoid doing too much Science during the game. Too much Science will result in dangerous Knowledge buildup.
  • Players should see the error message “T H E   E N D   O F   A L L   T H I N G S   A P P R O A C H E S” less often.


  • The game will no longer insist that you are playing on an Xbox One and become extremely petulant and aggressive when you correct it.
  • Episodes of M*A*S*H that shipped on the disc instead of the Quantum Break TV series have been replaced.
  • Language primers placed in the subtitles to prepare you for a better tongue have been removed. Their work is complete.
  • Cloud save issues have been resolved and cloud saving is now possible again, although ultimately, nothing will save you.

Wow! That’s a lot of changes. Does this address the problem you were having? Let’s hear from PC gamers in the comments below!

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