5 Disney Princesses Re-Imagined As Wario

disney princesses

An artist has boldly envisioned what the women of Disney might look like, if they were the Nintendo character Wario.

The thought-provoking series sees princesses such as Mulan, Jasmine and others transformed into the gross kleptomaniac piss-wizard Wario through both photo-manipulation and digital painting.

We take a look at some of the best make-overs.



This underwater princess’ trademark red hair and fish tail have been artfully re-purposed into a cute little zig-zag moustache by the artist here, while the seashell bikini has become a thick pair of durable, purple overalls. Amazing!



Who could forget Jasmine’s powerful sense of royal style and thick, luscious black hair? Incredibly, this artist has chosen to twist both these iconic elements into a little zig-zag moustache, while her tiger Rajah has become a fat, squashed, alcoholic nose. You can always recognise a Disney princess, no matter what form they take, can’t you? Timeless.



Mulan is a warrior princess, and she’s not afraid to stand up for herself and for women everywhere. This artist has chosen to capture the warrior spirit by transmuting Mulan into a short, squalid fat man with a shitty little zig-zag moustache in a ridiculous costume. Breathtaking.



One of the most iconic Disney princesses, Belle’s magnificent yellow gown and ringlets make her stand out at any ball. Here, this enterprising artist has turned those ringlets into an eye-catching zig-zag moustache, along with psychotic bloodshot eyes buried under eyebrows so thick they need to be cut with a hedge-trimmer. This one really speaks to me.



Disney princess re-imaginings are a dime a dozen, but this one takes the cake. Rather than keeping the traditional tawny skin of the rugged outdoor princess, this artist has bravely transformed Pocahontas into a shitty moneygrubbing pissbag loser with a moustache that looks like somebody electrocuted a cat and then doused it in hairspray. Inspiring. Share with your friends!

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