The Game Awards Important If Your Favourite Game Won, Meaningless If It Did Not

The Game Awards for (insert year) have concluded, with your favourite games either receiving the important recognition they deserve, or being passed over by an insipid, over-commercialised industry if they did not.

Host Geoff Keighley handed the award to the winner, proving once and for all that the industry has finally come of age by agreeing with the games that you personally enjoyed, or that major publishers are locking the industry into a death-spiral of stagnation if it was a game you hated.

Smiling as they accepted the award, the developer’s representative thanked the players, who are either extremely switched-on and discerning gamers that would only play the finest entertainment, or mindless consumer pigs who will swallow whatever lowest common denominator bullshit is spoonfed to them.

As a result of the award, the winning game will be re-released as a Game of the Year Edition.

Every other game released this year will also be re-released as a Game of the Year edition, which is either a fantastic opportunity to get the base game and all the DLC at one low price if it’s a game you’ve been looking forward to, or a desperate cash-in by a publisher looking to squeeze every last dollar out of people if you already purchased it at launch prices.

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