Sony, Microsoft To Hold Hands In Playground After Exchanging Notes

Sony and Microsoft have cautiously agreed to think about holding hands in the playground this recess, after admitting they like each other in a series of notes passed during math class this morning.

Microsoft’s head of gaming Phil Spencer has downplayed the significance of the news, saying that they’re “just holding hands” and “it doesn’t mean anything”.

“We’re allowed to hold hands like this if we want. I don’t want anybody to read too much into it. Sony are our friends and I think sometimes friends should be allowed to hold hands like this, if they want to, and especially if the other friend is cute and they have pretty eyes.”

Sony remains equally adamant that the breakthrough is “no big deal” but has signalled that the company will be winding back on their program of curiously over-eager hair-pulling and name-calling.

“We’re going to be re-allocating resources away from that program towards new initiatives, some of which may or may not include sitting on the swing together and sharing our lunch,” explained Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida, grinning for “no reason”.

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