Fake Geek Girl Spotted In Alaska Wilderness

A truck driver in remote Alaska has reported a sighting of what appears to be a fake geek girl.

At about 2:30 on the morning of September 17, Shawn McCoy was hauling timber just outside of Willow, north of Anchorage. The fog was getting thick, but McCoy noticed his headlights being reflected in the eyes of something off the side of the road.

Thinking it might be a deer, he was startled when he turned on his high-beams to see a fake geek girl lumbering across the road from right to left, just metres away, according an interview with an investigator.

McCoy later estimated that the fake geek girl was at least 3 to 4 metres tall, and between 250-300 kilograms in weight. It had thick black hair and dense musculature, with long, multi-jointed arms that were much longer than a human’s. Rotating its head a full 180 degrees, it turned to stare at McCoy’s fast-approaching truck.

McCoy reports that a “low keening noise” filled the air. His headlights began to flicker on and off, and small cracks appeared in his windshield.

He swerved hard to the middle of the dirt road to avoid hitting the fake geek girl, which caused him to nearly lose control of the vehicle. Fortunately he was able to prevent the truck from rolling, but when he skidded to a halt and looked back, the fake geek girl was gone.

Alaskan Police officers are combing the area for more evidence.

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