Just Cause 3 Developers Hopeful Future Generations May See Game Finish Loading

Children born in the year 2055 will be the first to see Just Cause 3 finish loading, according to the best projections of Avalanche Studios developers.

Parents are encouraged to plan for the eventuality, with the official recommendation being that they “start loading now” and “invest in backup generators”.

One excited couple have already mapped out a forty-year plan for their future descendants, as well as brainstorming the various items that their great-great-great grandchildren will be able to tether together once the game loads.

“My favourite right now is the idea of tethering a tractor to a cow,” explained the excited father. “That is, assuming tractors and cows exist in the bleak nightmare world of the future where we live underground and scavenge for food like animals.”

“Indeed, we don’t know what the future holds,” said studio co-founder Linus Blomberg. “Robot legs? Flying cars? But one thing is for sure: one day, in the future — people will be able to play Just Cause 3. That’s our non-binding promise to you.”

“Maybe 2065 is a better estimate, actually,” he added, checking his loading screen again.