Incredible: Season 12 Of Fortnite Will Reveal That One Of The Rocks On The Map Is Called Fucking Louise I Guess? And There’s Some Good Loot In A Swamp Or Some Shit

Everyone who plays Fortnite will recall with perfect clarity that at the end of Season 8, Epic Games revealed that there were several “disco zones” around the map, and that each of them corresponded to one of the emotions of Kevin 2.0, the resurrected polycube from Season 7’s three-week finale.

Well, strap in, Fortnite players, because the following sentence will make complete sense to you: one of the rocks on the Frisky Ferrets area of the map is now called Louise. And if that wasn’t enough, it turns out that this Louise rock? Well, she’s really into bookbinding.

Crazy stuff.

For months now, Fortnite fans have been watching as the Purple Pimple moved across the map, towards some kind of fucking giant candy cane or whatever. Now, dataminers have uncovered conclusive evidence that the Drippy Dunes are about to be demolished by some kind of enormous parrot from space, probably.

What does this mean for Louise and her upcoming bookbinding hobby? We have absolutely no idea, although speculation is running wild that Louise will offer bookbinding classes at the rebuilt Turgid Toilets. Again, this makes perfect sense to you if you play Fortnite.

There will almost certainly be some custom emotes and, of course, the Battle Pass, and the other thing. Incredible. Check back next week for a fully detailed analysis of all the best loot to find in the Sloppy Swamp (but only when Kevin 2.0 is in retrograde).

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