International Solidarity: Syrian Political Prisoner Sends Message Of Support To Man Who Hates Epic Store Exclusives

A brighter future finally seems possible today after local gamer Prunston Webb, who had recently published fifteen breathless paragraphs on Reddit about the evils of the Epic Games Store, received a message of support from a man who had been imprisoned in Syria after he was arrested by secret police for being near a protest when it broke out.

This powerful act of international solidarity, sent from a smuggled cell phone deep within an undisclosed location and in all likelihood mistakenly to the wrong person, has galvanised the PC gaming userbase to redouble their efforts in the struggle against their own tyrannical regime.

“Initially I was baffled by this message about ‘need freedom now’ and ‘no crimes committed’ when it showed up under my post about forced exclusives on the Epic Games Store,” Webb told Point & Clickbait.

“But after I thought about it a bit harder, I realised it was much bigger than that – we were all part of the same struggle.”

Reddit users rallied around the plea for help, suggesting that phrases like “must tell my children I love them” were clear evidence of Epic Games moving from the dangerous territory of exclusive games releases into the arguably even more dangerous territory of suppressing free speech.

After the post began trending on Reddit and was picked up by various news sites, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney took to social media to reassure fans that the company was not involved in the Syrian Civil War in any capacity, a denial which has already inflamed suspicions in an already hostile userbase.

”Wake up sheeple,” commented Redditor ‘PCMR1488’ in an explosive post which has now been upvoted 2,700 times. “Why would Sweeney say this if Epic was NOT involved in US-led coalition actions in Raqqa? Gabe Newell must lead an expedition to retake Metro Exodus NOW.”

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