GamerGate Supporter “Just Happy To Have Helped” Billionaire Peter Thiel Take Down Gawker

GamerGate supporter Gilbert McGuire is today celebrating the impending sale and bankruptcy of Gawker Media, an outcome that he personally achieved “with some assistance” from multi-billionaire PayPal founder and libertarian vampire Peter Thiel.

“This victory is for the gamers,” said McGuire. “When Gawker files for bankruptcy, it will be gamers that drove them to their knees. Our relentless campaign of complaining on Reddit and emailing Kotaku advertisers was a key plank in Thiel’s overall strategy of spending lots and lots of money on expensive lawyers.”

“Without all of our hard work, that money would simply have gone to waste.”

The ruling against Gawker is just another in a line of GamerGate victories, including their most recent highly-successful campaign ‘Operation Sundown’ where they wrote coordinated letters to the sun, urging it to dip below the horizon before 6:30 PM or face the consequences of angry gamers.

For his part, McGuire says that there’s “no pressure” on Thiel to call him personally and thank him for his contribution, but it “would be nice”.

“In a very real sense, gamers like me are the only reason Thiel was able to beat Gawker the way he did,” said McGuire. “But in another, even realer sense, the main reason is that he has a net worth of nearly $3 billion.”

Although Thiel has somehow neglected to mention the invaluable assistance of GamerGate in any of his post-decision press releases, McGuire says it’s “only a matter of time” until the Facebook director has a spare five minutes to give him a call.

“Any time now,” he concluded.

“Any time.”

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