GamerGate Supporter Conflicted After Discovering He And “SJWs” Both Enjoy Horizon: Zero Dawn

Local GamerGate supporter Bill Lynch remains paralysed with indecision this morning, after realising that his favourite angry shouting YouTubers and the hated “SJW gaming media” were all united in their enjoyment of Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Lynch had spent months mentally preparing himself to boycott the game after seeing “those people” were excited about the possibility of a competent female lead. Now he says he doesn’t know what to think.

“It’s not supposed to be this way,” muttered a morose Lynch as he sat in the food court outside the local store, debating whether or not to walk inside and pre-order the game. “How am I meant to know whether something is Good or Bad when people keep muddying the waters like this?”

For their part, GamerGate leaders have been quick to condemn “the mainstream media” for liking Horizon: Zero Dawn for the wrong reasons. One prominent “anti-SJW” YouTuber explained that although he was expecting “the SJWs” to praise the game for its political and cultural themes, they had “taken it too far” by also praising the combat, gameplay and world design.

“This is just another way that these so-called ‘progressives’ are forcing people to fall in line with their way of thinking,” he concluded.

“Honestly, the way these feminists keep praising it… you’d hardly know it was a good game.”

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