Fallout 4 Mod Removes All Joy From Game

Hardcore Fallout 4 players are eagerly installing the latest mod, which drastically overhauls the game by removing any trace of fun or happiness from it.

The mod, titled Fallout 4 True Realism, amplifies all damage done by all enemies and causes the player to become permanently crippled if they take any amount of limb damage, or even any amount of damage at all.

High levels of radiation also kill the player instantly, adding to the realistic feel of the mod. Food and drink must constantly be consumed, and the player must sleep, piss and shit regularly, leaving them open to surprise attacks and horrible diseases of all kinds.

Mod creator Violet Collins claims the mod improves Fallout 4 by “making everything a relentless struggle, just like it should have been before Bethesda dumbed it down”.

“There’s absolutely no way anybody could possibly survive, let alone carry more than two weapons, in a post-apocalyptic wasteland filled with monsters. It’s my intention to recreate this nihilistic vision as accurately as possible.”

Collins is not fazed by criticisms that playing Fallout 4 in True Realism mode is “a gruelling nightmare”, saying only that they should “get good”.

“Look, Bethesda had a good try. Good for them. They almost got it right, but they just messed up in the Q&A department and accidentally made the player feel strong, powerful and important. I’m just correcting that mistake. That’s all.”

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