John Romero Announces John Romero Will Develop John Romero-Inspired FPS

John Romero is thrilled this week with the news that John Romero has announced the return of John Romero to game development.

Speaking in a video recorded by John Romero, John Romero explained his intention to honour John Romero’s unique creative vision of violently dismembering other people with bullets.

“John Romero really broke new ground on this one when he released John Romero’s first game DOOM, back in 1993,” explained an enthusiastic John Romero, while John Romero nodded agreeably.

“John Romero inspired a whole genre of arena shooters. Since then John has been watching and listening, and he’s back to provide a fresh John Romero-inspired take on John Romero’s original creation,” John continued.

“The John Romero of 1993 would be proud of what the John Romero of 2016 is delivering. He’s left such a strong legacy. I can still picture his face when I think of DOOM, or Wolfenstein, or when I look into the mirror.”

John Romero is understood to have taken the news of John Romero’s new game extremely well, saying that it was “about time” somebody made a fast-paced arena shooter and he was confident John would do an “incredible” job.

“He was the developer of DOOM, you know?”