Pirates Outraged By Dystopian Nightmare Future Where They Have To Pay For Games

Software pirates and piracy groups are up in arms today over concerns that they may soon have to stop committing crimes.

Recent advancements in DRM technology have slowed the rate at which PC games are cracked, leading some pirates to suggest that in one or two year’s time they may have to actually start paying for things.

“It’s outrageous,” explained the leader of one piracy group to Point & Clickbait. “These big companies won’t think of anybody but themselves. Won’t they think of me, the little guy, stealing their products and costing them huge amounts of money?”

“What about my rights?”

Suggestions that pirates “pay for their fucking games” or just “wait until the inevitable sale” have fallen on deaf ears, with some swearing to re-double their efforts.

“My former position was that DRM interfered with my computer, but they’ve solved that issue, so now I’m saying that it’s their fault for making the prices too high,” explained one frustrated gamer.

“It’s completely reasonable of me to steal something that I could not afford to purchase legally.”

“I do this all the time in the real world, and this is a perfectly sensible position to take on the issue.”