ICYMI: The Loaded Rifle In The Background Of “Chekhov’s Gun” Was A Massive Spoiler

Fans of Chekhov’s Gun have been on the hunt after the game director revealed that there was one massive easter egg waiting to be found.

Now, a bunch of enterprising Redditors have cracked the case – and it turned out to be a huge spoiler for the events later in the story.

Are you ready for this? If you don’t want Chekhov’s Gun spoiled for you, don’t read any further.


Remember the scene in the third act of the game, where one of the characters picks up a loaded rifle and uses it to shoot a bullet at another character?

It turns out that the very same loaded rifle can actually be seen, hanging on the wall, earlier in the game – in the very first act to be precise.


It’s this sort of attention to detail that makes Chekhov’s Gun such a fascinating and mature game.

I wonder what other easter eggs are still undiscovered?

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