The Last Of Us Part 2: Naughty Dog Confirm Shivs Will Break “Even More Easily This Time Around”

The Last of Us Part 2 writer Neil Druckmann has confirmed what many series fans have been wanting to hear: this time around, shivs that you craft in the game may not even last for one stab, let alone two or three.

“We understand that a lot of fans were frustrated by Joel’s apparent inability to build a weapon that was even slightly durable,” Druckmann explained.

“We want you to know that we heard your frustration and we are definitely changing that aspect of the game. We are delighted to confirm that Ellie is actually even worse at it. Each shiv that she constructs has a 50% of just snapping straight away.”

Gamers have reacted with cautious excitement to these terrible ideas, willing to put up with pretty much anything if it means getting a Last of Us sequel.

“Yeah. Yeah,” agreed series fan Leah Bowen, her eyes slightly glassy as she watched the trailer for the seventh time. “Stabby scissors. Absolutely.”

Druckmann, somewhat perturbed by the lack of reaction, added that “in addition, some shivs will actually stab Ellie instead when she tries to use them, healing the enemy for the damage dealt to her.”

“Uhh… If you try to use a shiv to open a door, the door will set off an alarm and then explode,” he added as an unruffled Bowen continued to hold out her pre-order money. “Shivs will also emit a constant beeping noise, drawing enemies to you at all times…?”

“No? Nothing? Okay. Cool,” he concluded, confused.

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