Pigeon Trapped In Games Workshop Office Receives License To Make Warhammer Game

A feral pigeon which flew in through an open window and became trapped in the Nottingham headquarters of tabletop gaming giant Games Workshop is the latest recipient of the license to make Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 video games.

Speaking in a joint statement, the pigeon and Games Workshop CEO Kevin Rountree expressed their excitement for this incredible opportunity, and also for picking through people’s garbage and eating the crumbs that you find there.

“We were initially taken aback by this pigeon’s boldness — its innovative, no-holds-barred approach of just flying right in and demanding our attention,” gushed an enthusiastic Rountree.

“However, we quickly overcame our fear and saw that what this pigeon was offering was actually the best creative vision we’ve ever seen. We’re confident that our new partner will take the Warhammer 40,000 license to incredible new places.”

“Ooorhhhhllll,” trilled the pigeon agreeably, shitting several times on the floor and then knocking itself unconscious on the now-closed window.

Games Workshop is understood to be pursuing several other promising licensees for their valuable franchises, including a big fluffy dog that lives across the road, a clown called Gigglefoot which Kevin Rountree saw in a dream once, and “just leaving it at a local bakeshop and seeing what happens”.

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