GamerGate Supporter Embraces Unethical Journalism In His Quest For Ethical Journalism

GamerGate supporter Norman Hill has shown his commitment to greater ethical standards in video game journalism, by enthusiastically embracing some of the absolute worst, unethical, garbage journalism the Internet has to offer.

Friends of the 23-year Hill old say that he has been shitting everyone off on Facebook by constantly sharing articles which he says prove a need for greater ethical standards in video game reporting, but instead simply prove that he’ll believe literally anything that will reassure him his fears are valid and that there are no problems in a culture he has used to define his very identity.

“He just won’t stop sharing Breitbart articles,” bemoaned one of Hill’s increasingly distant friends. “Doesn’t he realise that Breitbart was literally founded by one of the world’s slimiest, least ethical right-wing nutjobs in order to advance his own shitpile racist views?

Hill, like many GamerGate supporters, insists that game journalists actually hate their audience and hate gamers, and are biting the hand that feeds them.

To demonstrate that he would never read journalism written by somebody who hates gamers, Hill has thrown his support behind Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos, a man who loudly criticised gamers as ‘tragic man-children’ and ‘unemployed saddos living in their parents basements’.

Hill’s friends have quite accurately pointed out that this is “staggering hypocrisy of the highest order” and sarcastically remarked on how weird it is that a man who claimed to despise gamers is now only too willing to slavishly pander to them in order to make a quick buck.

“Milo Yiannopoulos? Seriously? The day I listen to a moralising lecture on ethical reporting from a transphobic career snake oil salesman who quite literally wrote that redheads are more likely to turn to radical Islam and who has a proven and repeated history of secretly editing his own articles when it’s pointed out that he can’t even do basic fact-checking is the day I kill myself,” one of them added.

Norman Hill did not return Point & Clickbait‘s requests for comment, stating that we were “bias” and that, in any case, he was a fictitious strawman whom we invented entirely as a vehicle to criticise others.

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