Fable 4: Cancelled RPG Would Have Featured ‘Ten Thousand’ Unique Farting Sounds

A former Lionhead developer has shed light on the cancelled Fable 4 installment, speaking of ambitious plans for a “smorgasboard of fart noises” that will now never be realised.

According to art director John McCormack, Microsoft was initially keen on the fourth game in the series, but began to raise concerns when they analysed the Lionhead’s proposal and found that $1.5 million had been set aside for a custom-made “pipe organ, but for farts”.

“We’d gassed ourselves into a corner,” explained McCormack. “The only way we were going to top Fable 3 in terms of fart noises would be to build specialised hardware.”

McCormack confirmed rumours that the ‘fart organ’ would have been capable of recreating the sound of farts that, if they came out of a real person, would cause “irreparable organ failure”.

“But once Microsoft saw what we were planning and the amount of real estate we would need to construct it, they pulled the plug,” he lamented.

“Phil Spencer actually sent us some personalised feedback describing the fart organ as ‘an abomination against God’, which was accurate, if a little hurtful.”

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