Hardcore Players Only: Modern Warfare Will Have Optional ‘Ultra-Realism’ Mode Where US Military Interventionism Is Catastrophic Failure

Think you’re good enough to run with the big dogs? If you really like a challenge, you’re going to love what Infinity Ward is doing with their Modern Warfare reboot – an optional, ultra-hard ‘realism’ mode where every single action you take helps enshrine the United States strategy of military interventionism as a colossal, unending failure. Wow!

In addition to features like enhanced AI, more accurate bullet dropoff and fully-modelled limb damage, the Ultra-Realism mode will also “brutally demonstrate the abject failure of the Monroe Doctrine,” and “leave the player hollowed out and weeping with the knowledge that millions of people have lost their lives for no reason other than to maintain the economic and military superiority of the USA,” according to a press release received from Activision.

Activision says that the new mode will offer a unique challenge on “both a gameplay level, and a fundamental worldview level”.

In a follow-up interview, Activision spokesman Claude Flunk added that “We decided to go with the tagline ‘Warfare, Reimagined’, because all of the times over the last 70 years that the United States deliberately re-imagined ‘any kind of democratically elected left-wing government in Latin America’ as ‘a global communist threat’, and used that re-imagining as a flimsy pretext for a military invasion, flexing their capitalist might through a variety of ill-conceived and extraordinarily costly conflicts while the rate of poverty within their own country, and indeed much of the west, skyrockets. We also thought that it sounded cool.”

Even the professional scene are struggling to get to grips with Ultra-Realism mode, with prominent YouTuber and highly ranked esports player Jorge ‘GunKist’ McCoy suggesting that he was keen on “the new bullet stuff”, but not so keen on “the crippling realisation that the entire narrative of international politics for the last 50 years has been a complex lie designed to prop up the military-industrial capitalist complex”.

“Jesus fucking Christ, man,” McCoy said as he played through a preview version of the game supplied by Activision, where he took control of a CIA agent in Guatemala in 1953 and was ordered to round and up kill innocent and unarmed labour union organisers that were agitating workers at the USA-owned United Fruit corporation, ensuring that the corporate giant was able to continue seizing land from peasants and running its own private militia under the new military dictatorship (installed in a previous mission).

“Bring back the zombies mode, man,” McCoy concluded as he went and poured himself a stiff drink, his hands shaking. “Fucking hell.”

Which moments of American imperialist hostility do you think are the most epic? Let us know in the comments!

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