Wow! This 400-Year Old Rotting Corpse Just Beat Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 hasn’t even properly launched outside of Japan, but we’re already seeing some incredible feats of endurance from this franchise’s most hardened veterans.

One really stands out though, and that’s Amadeo Morandi, a 17th-century Italian nobleman who is dead and buried miles beneath Sicilian soil.

This dedicated Souls fan amazed people on his YouTube channel this week when he managed to beat Dark Souls 3 — an impressive enough feat for people who are alive, but especially for Morandi, who is quite literally a corpse.

Morandi didn’t stop there, though — busting out a Nintendo Donkey Kong Bongos controller which he hooked up to his PlayStation 4 using a home-made Bluetooth setup. It’s really amazing the lengths that Souls fans will go to overcome challenges! Wow! They do this sort of thing all the time.

Morandi is reportedly preparing to do his next run (no bonfires allowed) without his arms, which were recently torn off by scavenging dogs after his corpse was dug up to make room for a new shopping centre.

Gotta love a dedicated Souls player! Damn.

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