Virtual Reality Developers Thrilled As Groundbreaking New Technology Used To Re-Sell Old Games

Leading minds in the virtual reality research field have been spotted weeping with joy at the results of this year’s E3 conferences, delighted at seeing their ground breaking new technology used to squeeze more money out of publisher back catalogues.

“This is exactly what I signed up for,” commented VR developer Kelly Morgan. “All those years studying computer engineering, graphics programming… all that time spent consulting with physicians and biologists to better understand the human brain and how it perceives spatial and visual information. It was all for this.”

“My parents thought I was going to blaze a trail to the immersive future of human entertainment, but they don’t understand! What’s really important in life is that people buy Batman: Arkham Knight all over again, at full price.”

Morgan’s sentiments were echoed by other industry figures, who gushed enthusiastically about the importance of releasing fully priced VR add-ons to existing games and the immersive power of the fully-priced headset.

“Virtual reality makes me feel like I’m really there, immersed, walking around inside my own company profit sheet,” gushed one anonymous CEO.

“It’s such a powerful experience. You can almost reach out and touch the money. There’s nothing like it.”

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