Elon Musk Now Taking Pre-Orders For Invisible, Intangible Car Which Only He Can See

After making history with the iconic Cybertruck, entrepreneur and genius Elon Musk has whipped gamers into a frenzy with the announcement of another incredible new car which is only visible to him.

Dubbed “The Tesla Invisimobile”, the incredible new vehicle can reach top speeds of possibly “a million miles per hour,” according to the billionaire, and comes in a variety of “insanely cool colours, which you would be thrilled if you could see.”

“We are only producing a limited run of 5,000 of these babies, which is a real shame,” Musk told Point & Clickbait as he attempted to lean alluringly on the car before falling over and face-planting in the parking lot, spilling rubies and emeralds from his pockets across the asphalt.

A pained-looking Musk then admonished the car for driving itself away in an “epic troll”, before assuring us that the “fully sentient” beast would normally be on its best behaviour.

According to a spec sheet released by Tesla, the Invisimobile also has “a laser cannon that only Musk can fire”, has a GPS that features the voice of Musk’s hero Rick from Rick & Morty, and apparently is fuelled exclusively by “anime memes”. The vehicle is said to be compatible with “most roads”.

“When we released our electric cars, we revolutionised the car industry,” Musk told us, tearing up as he stared at an empty space in the parking lot. “And when we released the Cybertruck, we revolutionised the idea of aesthetics, from the ground up really. We really disrupted them.”

“Now with the Invisimobile, we are once again ready to revolutionise the way that we look at cars. The very basic act of looking. Only I can see the Invisimobile because the entire car is a pure act of design and authorial intent. That’s why. Real Tesla fans will understand.”

“Car goes vroom”, he added solemnly. 

At the time of publishing, the Tesla Invisimobile has been pre-ordered more than 4,000 times. According to a Tesla factory foreman we reached out to, the car is “probably already rolling off the production line,” and “don’t tell Musk I spoke to the press”.