Bethesda Pressuring Employee Named ‘Beth’ To Change Her Name

Bethesda Softworks has rejected accusations that it ‘crossed a line’ after allegations surfaced that it was pressuring one of its own employees named ‘Beth’ to change her name.

Bethany McBride, a programming lead at the company, is understood to have complained to human resources after Bethesda’s legal department approached her, with a legal order for a change of name already filled out and a “list of suggested alternative names”.

A company spokesperson refused to comment on the allegations directly but did suggest that it would be “perfectly reasonable to ask someone who was born with such a confusing, trademark-infringing name to do the right thing and change it”.

“When people ask where I work, what if I start to say ‘Beth’ and people assume I work at ‘Bethany McBride’ instead of ‘Bethesda Softworks’?” asked the spokesperson. “That’s a thing that could happen. It’s reasonable that someone could make that mistake. Absolutely. You can’t be too careful.”

Point & Clickbait understands that another employee named Elizabeth has been told she is ‘on thin ice’ and to ‘watch herself’.

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