Prey Walkthrough: A Normal Human’s Guide To Spotting Alien Mimics

Wow! We’re loving the new Prey – after all, who couldn’t love an entirely fictional scenario where aliens that can perfectly mimic objects and people have infiltrated every level of society?

But if you want to get all the neuropod upgrades and get to the truth behind the mystery of this imaginative game which bears no semblance to reality, you’ll need to be the best! Make sure you don’t waste any time, by completely ignoring the following objects and lifeforms, and not investigating them any further.

Ordinary Household Lamp, Beloved By Humans

Lamp! Which one of us humans doesn’t love to stand under lamp, to put our backs to lamp and to look out in the other direction without turning around when we hear the slither and rasp of chitin. “I’d love to stand under a lamp right now!” – a classic human saying, perfectly applicable in this scenario. Don’t bother to look at lamp when hunting for mimics unless you want to totally waste your time!

Perfectly Edible Nutritional Wedge

Placing a nutritional wedge into my facial orifice and masticating until the small pieces are passed down my nutrient tube into the absorption tank? That’s the stuff for me! My facial orifice is secreting lubricant just imagining it with my human mind. There is no chance of ingesting mimic particles and being taken over from within when consuming the approved nutrient wedge for humans.

Dog With The Correct Amount Of Legs

Stay safe from mimics by taking Dog With The Correct Amount Of Legs with you wherever you go. Dog, faithful human companion animal, can be trusted to alert you to aliens nearby. It is safe for you to sleep near Dog With The Correct Amount Of Legs and let it watch over you at that time. Never suspect it!

Stylish Hat

Look pleasant to other humans and increase your chance of mating with them once all the mimics are exterminated by placing Stylish Hat upon your head! There is no need to examine the inside of Stylish Hat before placing it in close proximity to your brain matter.

Comfortable Surface Where It Is Safe To Close Your Eyes

After a hard solar time period of investigating worthwhile mimic leads, humans like us need to stay very still and close our eyes, becoming extremely vulnerable to attack. The safest place to do that is this comfortable surface, specially designed by humans just like us for maximum comfort and vulnerability. Such a safe and secure place is the last place you should wildly swing your crowbar.

Gary From Accounts

It is Gary! Gary is your fellow unit of many solar rotations and you should allow him to approach you, perhaps even to put his perfectly normal human hands upon you and guide you to a secluded location. Gary wants what is best for you and has always flickered and shifted as if made of solid smoke and liquid black. “Normal Gary!” is what you would say to him.

Wow! With this kind of information at your disposal, there’s no way the imaginary aliens of the videogame Prey will catch you off guard. Make sure you focus all of your attention on the game and remain unaware of your immediate surroundings to get the best result! Good luck!