Local Woman’s Tinder Date Hit By Sneaky Graphical Downgrade

Local woman Ella Bennett has taken to Reddit to alert fellow users to a possible sneaky graphical downgrade of local man Harry Curtis, whose real life appearance differs substantially from a pre-release screenshot seen on Tinder.

The sharp-eyed Ella quickly noticed that the launch version of Harry appeared to be running at a much lower definition, have several key visual assets such as a nice car missing, and lag unacceptably when other women walked by.

Promotional material released through Tinder also claimed that Harry would launch with a variety of dialogue options around arts, culture and literature. Although she is yet to explore the full offering, Ella’s post indicated that the first 30 minutes of Harry are not promising.

Hundreds of women are now pressuring Harry to explain the difference. For his part, Harry says that his Tinder profile represents a “curated vertical slice of Curtis Content”.

“What was released to the public earlier was very much an in-development snapshot,” Harry told Point & Clickbait in a statement. “Four years earlier, to be precise.”

“We would ask fans to have faith in the development process, and also to send nudes if possible.”

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