Awkward Moment As New Friends Discover Each Of Them Uses An ‘Angry Gamer’ Handle

The easy conversation at the local pub has ground to an unexpected halt tonight, when five new friends who were really hitting it off agreed to exchange their online handles so they could play together – only to discover they had all registered themselves as some kind of ‘Angry Gamer’.

“Christ, talk about embarrassing,” explained Charlie ‘AngryGamer_85’ Singleton as he stared at the floor, unable to meet anybody’s eye.

“Fuuuuuck,” agreed Darryl ‘The_AngriestGamer’ Hansen, making a show of checking his phone and pretending to be really interested in whatever was on the screen.

Point & Clickbait understands that Miguel ‘IrateGamerLad’ Carr and Stewart ‘ANG3RG4M3R’ Harrington have both left to go to the bathroom and “just to get something from my car” respectively, but neither have returned in more than 15 awkward minutes.

“Maybe if I changed my name to something like… something like ‘The Satisfied Gamer’”, suggested Sergio ‘Anger_Gamez’ Rogers to the rest of the group as he returned from the bar with more, desperately needed drinks.

“Doesn’t really have the same ring to it,” said Singleton sadly.

“Fucking hell,” agreed Hansen.

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