YouTube Pride Launch Party Ruined After Advertising Algorithm Books Homophobic Opening Speaker

Red-faced Google employees have been forced to admit that their Pride Month launch party was a “disaster”, after the company’s advertising algorithm forced everyone to endure a 10-minute hateful screed from a homophobic opening speaker.

Point & Clickbait understands that the smiling algorithm ushered the speaker on stage, where he immediately launched into a bigoted rant against literally everyone in the audience, shocking and offending the entire room.

Despite the hostile reception, Google has insisted that the algorithm behaved as expected and suggested that it was up to any YouTube employees who found the speech offensive to ignore the speaker individually.

“We understand that certain employees may not wish to hear from certain opening speakers at our Pride Launch Party,” said Google in a statement. “That’s why we give our employees the option to, for example, turn their back, or put their fingers in their ears and sing ‘la la la’ really loudly when the speaker is talking.”

“We are looking at ways to improve this policy going forward.”

Even after the speaker was finished, the night unfortunately did not improve, with the video intended to play on the projector being flagged as “restricted content” due to containing LGBTQ themes.

The employee who worked on the video internally has now filed a support ticket to another colleague at the next desk over to have the video unflagged, but has confided to journalists that they “aren’t optimistic.”

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