Unskippable Intro Movies Really Growing On Local Gamer

Local gamer Elaine Lawson has grudgingly admitted that she is “kind of getting into” the unskippable movies, logos and splash screens that play every time she boots up her favourite titles.

“At first I was a bit annoyed that the company thought I needed to waste a full minute of my life staring at their garbage,” explained Lawson. “But after the 175th time I was forced to sit through it all, I started to come around.”

“Now I find myself humming along, making the noises as the animations play. I can do Bethesda’s little ‘bonk’ noise perfectly. I’ve started screaming in excitement whenever I see the Unreal Engine logo! My partner is a little bit terrified but she just doesn’t understand.”

At the time of writing, Lawson has entirely given up on the idea of actually playing any of her games and is now content to simply reboot them over and over, sighing in contentment.

“It’s like NVIDIA says,” murmured a happy Lawson, rocking back and forth as she stared at the screen.

“This is the way it’s meant to be played.”