One For The Fans: Fortnite Has Added The Emote You Make When You Remember The Game Used To Have A PVE Mode

Fortnite’s popularity has been seemingly unstoppable, and one of the factors in their meteoric rise is simple – they give the fans what they want!

If you’re a member of the Fortnite community who remembers when it used to be a PVE game, then you’re going to love today’s announcement – a specific emote where your character puts their head in their hands and sighs deeply!

Epic Games announced the emote today in a special event, where they made another incredible announcement: they have lost all the files for the PVE part of the game and won’t be able to release it!

“It just kind of happened,” said a spokesperson for Epic Games. “We put the PVE files down, and then I guess we put a lot money on top of them, and when we were picking up all the money again, well they must have disappeared. We’re really sorry!”

It sucks that accidents happen, but it’s great to see them getting out in front of the disappointment and offering this stylish new emote to the people who were there right from the beginning.

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