Cases Of ‘Mario Syndrome’ On The Rise In New Donk City Residents

New Donk City psychologists are worried about an alarming rise in cases of what they are calling ‘Mario Syndrome’ – a disturbing new mental condition where residents temporarily believe that they are the iconic Italian plumber and video game character, Mario.

Residents affected by ‘Mario Syndrome’ report varying periods of disassociation, where they essentially “become the Mario”. These periods can either last briefly or for hours at a time, with sufferers reporting “extremely convincing” memories of time spent running, jumping and collecting coins and other various power-ups.

The affliction comes on seemingly at random, with New Donk City residents reporting that they are simply minding their own business, walking the streets, or even sitting in the comfort and security of their own home when they suddenly “become the Mario” without warning.

Once the symptoms wear off, those who suffer from ‘Mario Syndrome’ often find themselves somewhere else completely, lost and needing to call for help. If ‘Mario Syndrome’ strikes after hours, the sufferers often wake up outside city limits, freezing and forced to sleep outside in the cold.

Health professionals are at a loss to explain why so many patients are presenting with ‘Mario Syndrome’ at once, and are struggling to come up with an effective vaccine or treatment plan. Some psychologists believe “taking a small amount of damage” is a good way to ‘jolt’ sufferers back to themselves, but stress that such treatment could be dangerous.

“At this time, we suggest that anyone presenting with symptoms of ‘Mario Syndrome’ allow themselves to just ‘be the Mario’ for as long as it takes,” explained a spokesperson for the New Donk City Health Board. “Just… just let the Mario do what it wants.”

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