Sony Announces Launch Of “Sony-Brand Ones and Zeroes” Which Will Finally Enable Cross Platform Play

Sony has broken new ground again today by finally discovering a way to make the PlayStation 4 communicate over a network with other platforms.

The revolutionary new Sony® Ones And Zeroes™ will be first tested out in a special limited beta of Fortnite, a popular game which unrelatedly is already available for cross platform play with almost every other platform.

Using a Windows PC to publish a statement which he wrote on his Macbook laptop and which was hosted on a Linux web server, Sony’s CEO John Kodera explained that the company had finally “cracked the case on how to make different types of platforms communicate.”

“It was a tough one, but we put our team of best scientists on the case,” said Kodera. “Looking closely, we saw that all platforms run on a similar ‘ones and zeroes’ architecture, which we couldn’t believe nobody else had noticed until now.”

“For 24 years, we have strived to deliver the best gaming experience to our fans by providing a uniquely PlayStation perspective. So, in true PlayStation fashion, we have trademarked these ones and zeroes and made proprietary versions of them.”

Gamers everywhere are rejoicing at the news that somehow, somewhere, a technological miracle has taken place and two different devices are able to communicate.

“The future is now,” gushed one particularly tearful gamer after learning that Sony had finally made the biggest technological breakthrough in 20 years.

“Thank you to Sony for providing a uniquely PlayStation perspective on networking by holding out for ages, and trying to take all the credit when they do eventually show up.”

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