Player With Amazingly Offensive Username Can’t Understand Why He Was Banned From Server

Server administrators have reacted with surprise today at accusations from one of their players that they had been banned unfairly.

The player, whose username was grossly anti-Semitic while at the same time containing descriptions of an explicit sex act, was automatically banned from the server before they could even load the game.

“It’s totalitarian censorship,” confided the user in an exclusive interview with Point & Clickbait. “If I want to have that username then I should be able to. What is this, Nazi Germany?”

“Incidentally, I think Hitler has been severely maligned by history and actually wasn’t such a bad guy.”

The user in question is reportedly “looking to pursue legal action” over the ban, and is “definitely” retaining the services of what he describes as “a real lawyer”.

“I won’t let the liberal media nanny state push me around like this. People are way too over-sensitive these days.”

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