Inspiring! This Lead Designer Spent His Whole Interview Justifying In-App Purchases Without Once Getting A Nosebleed

When people think of the word “hero”, they probably won’t think of lead designer Shaun Greer.

He’s not six feet tall. He doesn’t have super strength. He can’t fly. But he does have one thing that other heroes don’t have – the ability to be quizzed about in-app purchases for 45 minutes without having an aneurysm and fainting.

In fact, during the latest press tour for his upcoming AAA game, Greer was able to spend an entire interview explaining how the “completely optional” loot boxes and “convenient” micro-transactions that players could purchase with real money were “great value” – and he didn’t rupture a blood vessel in his eye even once!

Ordinary people like you or me would crumple under that kind of pressure. We’d probably start screaming, or break down sobbing, unable to pretend any longer that it was a decision we were remotely involved in or comfortable with. “It was forced on us from the executive board,” we might scream, as blood thundered from our nose in a torrent. “Don’t you understand? I hate it with my life. I hate the beast that I’ve become.”

But not Greer! He sat there calmly and pledged his undying support for expensive, unecessary in-app purchases – his perfectly still face never once betraying the deep stomach churning uncertainty that roiled within. Wow!

If he can do it, so can we! Let’s all take the pledge to be like Greer – if the world had more heroes like him, we’d all be in a better place.

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